With the fast worldwide international Globalization of the Fashion and Retail Industries, and after the Global & Financial Crisis, companies ranging from the small entrepreneurial till the giant Chains are all racing towards the golden opportunities to enter into new Potential Markets and Regions in the fast developing cities and countries.

Wait! Before you jump into the bandwagon and sail the foreign seas with your fortune, have you thought of where your destination should be? Where to invest? When you get there, do you have a plan to reach out and more important retain the consumer base you are targeting at? Do you have a market or local market strategy?

At Refixnet , with more that 20 years of  Expertise in Export, Retail & Franchising in all the Continents, and with more than 500 stores successfully opened and more than 30 major Distribution/Licence/Master-Franchising Country agreement consulted, we can provide you with the current exclusive market surveys to help you pin point the best site to anchor your new business venture.

Our expert consultants can develop for you a customized Management, Retail and Marketing strategy most suited for your type of Local, Regional or National Wholesale or Franchising Business. Consult to create the desired Image for your store to welcome your targeted consumers. Plan and manage your all important debut Launch of your new business!! We are committed to bring your new business venture forward to a higher level of long term success with our dynamic strategies and practical solutions